An afternoon in Sighnaghi – Georgia’s ‘City of Love’

We hired a car in order to collect our bikes from the cargo terminal, so decided to take a day trip too. As the cargo situation took much longer than expected we decided to forgo the drive to Gergeti Trinity Church, and head to Sighnaghi instead.

Nestled on the Southern edge of the Tusheti National Park (which separates Georgia from Russia), it’s a lovely little town an hour and a half’s drive from Tbilisi, with an outrageous backdrop of snow capped mountains. As we only spent a couple of hours there though, I’ll keep it short!

Ambient as you like! Sighnaghi is the cluster on the left.

It’s known as the City of Love, however as the foreplay today had been four hours of frustration at the cargo terminal, I was slightly unmoved!

The moniker is due to the fact that Georgian couples can get married in the town’s registry office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sean says this means ‘put a ring on it’ but I’m not convinced.

This aside, the town is lovely, with cobbled streets, nice places to eat, beautiful views and a calming atmosphere. There’s also a fort at the top of the hill which again, offers beautiful views.

‘Fort-couture’?! ..At least I tried.

What’s probably of less interest was the non-indigenous beans I tried here, but they were brilliant so I’m going to have to talk about them. I ordered lobini for the first time – a Georgian bean stew. I’d recommend to anyone – vegan or otherwise!


I’ll leave it at that. Love xx


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